How to make jewelry at home:


For all those fantastic pieces of clothes in your wardrobe, you need even better jewelry that will go along with it. And buying this jewelry can be an expensive affair – so why not design your own? You will end up with perfectly suited jewelry and also get an opportunity to explore your creativity at the same time!

Looking forward to making your own jewelry? We’ll tell you how to go about with it!



Keep a watch on trending designs:
When you browse through those, magazines and catalogs, you can always check out the kind of jewelry that’s in vogue. You can draw your inspiration from these designs and add your own twist to them. Going through these designer websites, magazines, brochures will only spark your imagination and help you come up with trendy and beautiful designs!

Keep your supplies ready:
Whether you choose to buy them or use recycled stuff is entirely your choice, but you need to keep your supplies ready to get started. Apart from beads, you will require wires of varied thicknesses, tools to twist, turn and cut these wires. Also, make sure you don’t spend your money buying cheap supplies. This doesn’t mean you splurge on expensive stuff, because then the whole idea of making cost-effective jewelry will be lost! Look out for a store that gives you good quality stuff at reasonable rates.

Modern equipment:
If you intend to sell the jewelry that you are crafting, you need to have precision and perfection in your pieces. And no matter how careful you are, handmade stuff won’t give you the perfection that machines give. So if you are ready to spend a little more, use the funds to purchase a laser cutter or 3D printer. These machines will provide you with the perfection you require and will also save a lot of your time. Way to go!

Get basics cleared:
Getting the hang of basics will definitely help you. You won’t get stuck with understanding some new concept every time you are attempting something new. Some techniques which you need to know are:

Jewelry knotting:
The easiest and quickest way to come up with super cool jewelry!

Jewelry stringing:
String in beads of your choice and come up with beautiful stringy accessories.

Jewelry looming:
If you want a nice woven look for your jewelry, you need to get the hang of this intricate technique that will give you stunning pieces of jewelry.

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